The Faceless Ones-An Eberron Campaign

A Ship to Passage

12 Therendor, 998 YK

Jereth was able to book passage for the party on the Lariat, a cargo ship owned by House Lyrandar and bound for Passage, on the east coast of Lake Galifar. The accommodations consisted of a spot in the cargo hold, but it was comfortable enough for one night. The heroes bedded down, but they were awakened in the late evening by a loud crash and a tremor surging through the ship. Cries of “warforged” and “an army” echoed throughout the ship. The heroes realized that the Lariat was no longer moving forward. They decided to head up to the topdeck to investigate the situation.

On the way up, the heroes entered a less cramped cargo hold. They could hear some chanting coming from up above, and they saw a group of warforged entering the cargo hold from the opposite end. The ’forged were equipped with arm cannons and large metal fists.

The party engaged the ’forged, but encountered a nasty surprise. In the middle of the battle, the chanting from the next deck up reached a crescendo, and the heroes felt themselves being flipped upwards towards the ceiling. As the battle went on, the heroes were pulled from floor to ceiling and back again. The ’forged seemed to have some kind of gem build into their chests that enabled them to resist the continual changes in gravity.

The warforged blasters attacked with fire and lightning, but the heroes were able to defeat them all and proceed to the topdeck. Another tremor shook the Lariat and the ship dropped sharply. As the heroes reached the topdeck, they found that the fire elemental which provided propulsion to the ship has been freed from its binding ring. The elemental was in the process of destroying the binding ring of the air elemental that kept the ship aloft. Lore, realizing the severity of the situation, launched an icy assault against the elemental. The heroes easily subdued the elemental and the ship’s captain, Everett d’Lyrandar, was able to bind the fire elemental back into its ring.

The heroes saw the Windsweeper, Lady Lenna d’Jorasco’s ship, hastily speeding away into the night. Captain Everett welcomed the group at his table and found them excellent quarters for the evening. The ship arrived in Passage on 13 Therendor.



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