The Faceless Ones-An Eberron Campaign

Journey to Greenheart

14 Therendor, 998 YK

The party set out for Greenheart on the morning of 14 Therendor. They elected to head north around Lake Galifar and cross the Wynarn River into the Eldeen Reaches. The group made good time through the farmlands of Aundair, and before they knew it they had reached the river. A couple of miles upstream, a pontoon bridge had been set over the river. The group decided to try to cross the bridge, rather than ford the river.

As the party headed towards the bridge, they heard a distant rumbling and saw a tree on the edge of the Duskwood come crashing to the ground. As they approached the bridge, they saw a group of toughs standing guard. The toughs, obviously trying to fleece the heroes, demanded 200 gp per person to allow the group to cross. Johera, however, shared some ale with the gang, and was able to win them over, allowing the heroes to cross the bridge without getting completely ripped off.

On the far side of the bridge, the party was subject to a strange experience. Time seemed to slow down, colors grew more vibrant and a shimmering area could be seen on the edge of the lake. The light around the group grew brighter, culminating in a blinding flare. As their vision returned, the party saw the neck and head of a dragon rising out of the lake. The dragon seemed to be composed of water. In the back of the heroes’ minds, words formed, almost as if the dragon was speaking.

“And so shall it come to pass that the Faceless Ones will walk among you. You will know them not by name, nor by number, but they shall walk among you all the same. They are the Harbingers, and they will usher in a new era for the world of Eberron. Three golden arrows point the way to the fall of kings and kingdoms, and a new moon will rise in the night sky.
A shadow spreads across Eberron, and the key to unleashing it lies in your hands. Your actions can save this world, or doom it…”

The party recognized the first four sentences as part of the Draconic Prophecy, but they didn’t recognize the last part. It seemed to be some kind of cryptic warning, but about what, the group couldn’t say.

Shaking off the daze of the strange encounter, the party continued towards Greenheart. Coming to the edge of the forest, they encountered another group of humans, who perhaps were in league with the scam artists at the bridge. The heroes tried to present themselves as being on official business, which the gang took to mean that the heroes were there to arrest them. Drawing weapons, the gang attacked! Before the battle could get underway, however, another falling tree came down nearer the campsite. A few moments later, the source of the falling trees became clear, as a bulette, or land shark, attacked the bandit camp looking for its next meal.

The bulette, with its sharp claws and teeth and its stonelike armor, ravaged through the camp, attacking bandits and heroes alike. The cowardly bandits scampered about like mice, but the heroes were not so easily cowed. They took advantage of the distraction to finish off the bandits, and then moved to engage the bulette, the most deadly challenge they had yet faced.

Though Johera was badly wounded as she bravely faced off against the beast, the bombardment by her allies against the creature was punishing, and the heroes carried the day.

With a conveniently empty campsite already set for them, the heroes decided to rest and continue on their journey in the morning.



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