The Faceless Ones-An Eberron Campaign

Malleon the Reaver

10 Therendor, 998 YK

Joined by a mysterious noblewoman, Joranna, the heroes proceeded towards the dusty settlement in the distance. The party came to a bridge made out of a slippery substance very similar to ice. There were no railings and nothing but air below. Their destination on the opposite side, the group decided to tie Lucius to a long rope and let him make his way across the bridge first, thinking that he could tie off the rope on the other side and the rest of the group could pull themselves across.

As Lucius moved onto the bridge, he caught a flash of light from the corner of his eye, which turned out to be a fast approaching ball of flame. As luck would have it, the flame dropped directly on Lucius, destroying the bridge below and around him, and sending him tumbling into the chasm. His fall was halted abruptly as he crashed into what seemed to be a soupy invisible liquid. He managed to keep himself from sinking until Harbek was able to grab the other end of the rope and pull him to safety.

At this point, more fireballs hit the bridge, destroying large sections and making the crossing almost impossible. Feywalker stepped onto the bridge, drew back his bowstring, and loosed an arrow towards the origin of the fireballs. Two well placed shots destroyed the fireball launcher and the group was able to cross the bridge unimpeded.

The heroes entered the township to find it run down and nearly abandoned. A heavy presence surrounded the group and they couldn’t shake the feeling that they were being watched. Led by Harbek’s thirst, the heroes entered what appeared to be the common house, and were greeted by a dour looking goblin tending bar to an empty room. Harbek and Feywalker ordered drinks, and were given a dirty, rust flavored ale in even dirtier glasses. Harbek downed his without any trouble, but Feywalker choked and nearly died. The party asked about Lord Malleon, and the bartender pointed to the staircase.

The heroes entered a large room and discovered Lord Malleon and his goblin host. Malleon inferred that the heroes had bested Grulg to gain access to his mirror and come to Malleon’s domain. Malleon tried to recruit the heroes to work for him in Sharn, and bring about his eventual return and takeover of the city. The party figured that Malleon was lying, and instead they entered into a vicious battle. Feywalker was hounded by goblin blades as Harbek dueled with Malleon. In the end, the four heroes killed all the goblins, recovered the missing diamonds, and found another mirror to return them to Sharn.



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