The Faceless Ones-An Eberron Campaign

Searching for the Diamonds

9 Therendor, 998 YK

The heroes, joined by Haskur, a shaman from the Eldeen Reaches, set out to investigate the death of the diamond currier, near the entrance to Malleon’s Gate. The heroes noted the stealthy and professional manner in which the man had been killed, but the assailants appeared to be sloppy in their escape. Lucius and Feywalker were able to follow a trail of blood left behind by the unknown killers, and they recovered the murder weapon, a knife of goblin make. The style of knife was used by goblins over 3,000 years ago, when Malleon the Reaver conquered and restored the city of Shaarat, now Sharn. Harbek, with a keen eye for value, decided to hang onto the knife in order to sell it to a museum or a collector at a future time.

Heading deeper into Malleon’s gate, the heroes ran afoul of a small group of gnolls, who had to be defeated in ranged combat. The gnolls were part of a gang led by the hobgoblin warlord, Grulg, so the heroes set out for Grulg’s fortress.

The party infiltrated the fortress through the garbage chute. They were able to deftly secure the kitchen staff without attracting the notice of any guards. The group also killed a sleeping bugbear in what appeared to be guest quarters. The bugbear was wearing a ring, which Lore believed represented some kind of diplomatic status.

A problem presented itself in the form of an ogre patrolling the circular hallway. The heroes sprung an ambush on the ogre and put it down before it could sound the alarm. The party then secured the door to the barracks to prevent the possibility of reinforcements being summoned while the dealt with Grulg.

The heroes threw open the door to Grulg’s main hall and stormed into the room to deal with the hobgoblin. By which I mean Harbek entered the room boldly while the rest of the group stood outside the door shouting across the room. Grulg explained to the heroes that the diamonds belong to Malleon, and that he already handed them over. The heroes, knowing that Malleon surely died 3,000 years ago, assumed Grulg was lying. Grulg grew angry and pulled a lever, opening parts of the chamber floor and sending Harbek tumbling down into darkness. The rest of the party easily dispatched Grulg and his paltry guards, then set about trying to find Harbek. In Grulg’s private quarters, the heroes found a mirror, through which they could see Harbek on the floor of a cavern. The rest of the party was able to go through the mirror and join Harbek in an earthen chamber surrounded by seven golden doors.

10 Therendor, 998 YK

The party realized that they had entered the depths of Khyber. Recalling the Draconic Prophecy, the heroes choose to leave the chamber by the golden door with three arrows engraved upon its face. The group found itself wandering along a path made of ice, even though the temperature wasn’t cold enough for water to be frozen. Along the path, the heroes encountered a group of aberrant horrors, led by a tall creature with long spiked tentacles. A group of 4-armed fiends occupied the heroes while the tentacled monstrosity flanked them and managed to grab Lucius and Feywalker with its tentacles. Lucius invoked his mysterious darkness spell to aid his escape, only to learn that the creature had no trouble finding him in the dark! Luckily, Haskur’s healing powers turned the battle in the heroes favor, and the ghastly abominations were soon dispatched.



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