The Faceless Ones-An Eberron Campaign

The Elixer of Unyielding Hope

8 Therendor, 998 YK

Feywalker, Harbek, Lore and Lucius accepted a contract from Jereth of Sharn, the Assistant Dean of Acquisitions at Morgrave University. Inhabitants of the lower sections of Sharn have been suffering from a plague known as the Skulking Dread. Jereth believes that the Elixer of Unyielding Hope could be the key to creating a cure for the disease. At great expense and risk, the Elixer has been recovered from Xen’drik and shipped to Sharn.

Unfortunately, the Elixer was stolen from the cargo hold of the Stalwart while it was docked at Cliffside. The party spoke with the captain, Ylior Breezeborne, who implicated an upstart gang of dockside thugs called the Dagger’s Kin. The party went to the local watering hole, the Silver Sail, to gather information about the Dagger’s Kin. In the tavern, the group excited the enmity of a mustachioed man and his cohorts, in spite of Lucius’s attempts to ply them with alcohol.

Leaving the tavern, Feywalker took off down the street after a young teenager who had been observing the group. The frightened boy identified Mr. Mustache as a member of the Dagger’s Kin, and then ran off. The party decided to spring an ambush on the gang members, and despite Lore’s lack of stealth, the thugs were beaten down and subdued, although one died in a mysterious cloud of darkness.

Now knowing the location of the Dagger’s Kin base, the party again attempted to stealthily reconnoiter. Lucius climbed onto a roof to get a better view of the surroundings, but there were two thugs waiting for him, and battle was again joined. The party was able to defeat these goons as well, and they pressed on into the base.

Lore and Harbek found a trapdoor that led to an underground hideout. In the hideout, Lucuis moved down one corridor to examine a locked door. He failed to notice that the door was trapped, and he was pricked by a poison dart. With the trap sprung, the party proceeded to loot the treasury of the Dagger’s Kin. Moving down the next corridor, Lucius redeemed himself by finding and disarming a spear trap.

The party had now entered into the main room of the Dagger’s Kin hideout, and found the gang’s leader, Barek. He had a nasty surprise waiting for them in the form of a Venom-Eyed Basilisk. Harbek quickly charged across the room to engage the basilisk and prevent it from using its poisonous glare. The beast was quickly slain. In the meantime, Barek and Feywalker dueled in the corridor outside the main room. Feywalker went down under Barek’s ferocious attacks, but the rest of the party came to the rescue. Barek was felled and Feywalker was revived.

Having recovered the Elixer of Unyielding Hope, the heroes returned it to Morgrave, so that Jereth could set about having a cure for the Skulking Dread manufactured. The party accepted another contract from Jereth, to investigate the death of a courier who was bringing a collection of diamonds to Morgrave University. The diamonds had been in storage at the Kundarak Bank in Sharn, and date back to the Dhakkaani Empire, which fell almost 5,000 years ago. A corpse matching the courier’s description was found outside the entrance to the Malleon’s Gate district of Sharn.



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