The Faceless Ones-An Eberron Campaign

The Search for a Cure

11 Therendor, 998 YK

Having turned the diamonds over to Jereth, the heroes were asked to check on the status of the cure for the Skulking Dread, a plague that seemed to be spreading slowly throughout the city. The heroes agreed to speak with Lady Lenna d’Jorasco at the House Jorasco Healing Hall.

With only a little bit of hoopla, the heroes made their way past a snotty secretary and up to Lenna’s workshop on the seventh floor. Lady Lenna met the group in an opulent sitting room, with a large glass window and balcony overlooking the cityscape. Lenna’s answers to the heroes inquiries were evasive and they figured that she was lying about the progress she’s made on the cure. Dropping the name of a well known professor from Morgrave, Joranna persuaded Lenna to provide the group with a small sample of the cure.

Lenna went out on the balcony to obtain a sample, but instead of coming back, she jumped over the balcony ledge. Joranna and Lucius were busy searching Lenna’s room for any pertinent information, leaving Harbek and Feywalker to pursue the fleeing halfling. Rushing to the edge, they saw Lenna drifting slowly towards the ground with a glowing orb in her hand. Harbek hung a grappling hook over the balcony rail and slid down a rope in pursuit. Not to be outdone, Feywalker just jumped over the rail and caught Lenna in the air, knocking the orb out of her hand.

Harbek managed to catch Feywalker and Lenna, but by that time a gang of thugs on flying magical discs were approaching to rescue the Lady. Harbek and Feywalker fell to the ground while the soldiers helped Lenna safely descend. She then ran off through the city streets. Harbek managed to stop her temporarily. Up above, Joranna and Lucius concluded their search and came to the balcony edge. Noting the battle brewing below, they climbed down the rope to engage the soldiers.

Though the party fought well, Lady Lenna and one of the soldiers escaped. A few minutes later, the party noticed an elemental airship called the Windsweeper rising from the city streets, the Lady Lenna clinging to a rope ladder. Hopping on the flying soarsleds, the heroes took off after the airship, but were unable to catch up before it sailed out of reach. A captured soldier admitted that Lenna was an agent of the Aurum and was planning to sell her own cure to key city officials, buying their loyalty and effectively taking political control of Sharn.

Luckily, Lenna dropped the Elixir of Unyielding Hope in all the chaos. The heroes determined that the Elixir had been rendered inert. They took the potion back to Jereth, and he suggested that the heroes travel to Greenheart, capital of the Eldeen Reaches, and consult the great druid Oalian for advice on how to counteract Lenna’s meddling.



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