Lady Lenna d'Jorasco

Agent of the Aurum


Lady Lenna is a halfing who bears the Mark of Healing. As a prominent member of House Jorasco she was assigned to the Great Healing Hall of Sharn in order to use the Elixir of Unyielding Hope as the base of a cure for the Skulking Dread.

Lenna was revealed to be an agent of the Aurum, a shadow group angling for political control of Khorvaire. Lenna had been instructed to render the Elixir of Unyielding Hope inert, then get out of Sharn. Once the Skulking Dread spread to the upper reaches of Sharn, Lenna and her cohorts planned to reverse her tampering of the Elixir, manufacture a cure, and sell small doses of it at prohibitive costs to high-ranking official in the city. The aim was to barter the cure in return for political favors, effectively placing key officials under the control of the Aurum.

Since the heroes now have the inert Elixir, the Aurum’s plan has come to nothing, although the heroes have crossed a powerful organization. Lady Lenna escaped the city of Sharn on board her private airship, the Windsweeper, and she will likely dedicate herself to recovering the Elixir.


Lady Lenna d'Jorasco

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