The Faceless Ones-An Eberron Campaign

Journey to Greenheart

14 Therendor, 998 YK

The party set out for Greenheart on the morning of 14 Therendor. They elected to head north around Lake Galifar and cross the Wynarn River into the Eldeen Reaches. The group made good time through the farmlands of Aundair, and before they knew it they had reached the river. A couple of miles upstream, a pontoon bridge had been set over the river. The group decided to try to cross the bridge, rather than ford the river.

As the party headed towards the bridge, they heard a distant rumbling and saw a tree on the edge of the Duskwood come crashing to the ground. As they approached the bridge, they saw a group of toughs standing guard. The toughs, obviously trying to fleece the heroes, demanded 200 gp per person to allow the group to cross. Johera, however, shared some ale with the gang, and was able to win them over, allowing the heroes to cross the bridge without getting completely ripped off.

On the far side of the bridge, the party was subject to a strange experience. Time seemed to slow down, colors grew more vibrant and a shimmering area could be seen on the edge of the lake. The light around the group grew brighter, culminating in a blinding flare. As their vision returned, the party saw the neck and head of a dragon rising out of the lake. The dragon seemed to be composed of water. In the back of the heroes’ minds, words formed, almost as if the dragon was speaking.

“And so shall it come to pass that the Faceless Ones will walk among you. You will know them not by name, nor by number, but they shall walk among you all the same. They are the Harbingers, and they will usher in a new era for the world of Eberron. Three golden arrows point the way to the fall of kings and kingdoms, and a new moon will rise in the night sky.
A shadow spreads across Eberron, and the key to unleashing it lies in your hands. Your actions can save this world, or doom it…”

The party recognized the first four sentences as part of the Draconic Prophecy, but they didn’t recognize the last part. It seemed to be some kind of cryptic warning, but about what, the group couldn’t say.

Shaking off the daze of the strange encounter, the party continued towards Greenheart. Coming to the edge of the forest, they encountered another group of humans, who perhaps were in league with the scam artists at the bridge. The heroes tried to present themselves as being on official business, which the gang took to mean that the heroes were there to arrest them. Drawing weapons, the gang attacked! Before the battle could get underway, however, another falling tree came down nearer the campsite. A few moments later, the source of the falling trees became clear, as a bulette, or land shark, attacked the bandit camp looking for its next meal.

The bulette, with its sharp claws and teeth and its stonelike armor, ravaged through the camp, attacking bandits and heroes alike. The cowardly bandits scampered about like mice, but the heroes were not so easily cowed. They took advantage of the distraction to finish off the bandits, and then moved to engage the bulette, the most deadly challenge they had yet faced.

Though Johera was badly wounded as she bravely faced off against the beast, the bombardment by her allies against the creature was punishing, and the heroes carried the day.

With a conveniently empty campsite already set for them, the heroes decided to rest and continue on their journey in the morning.

A Ship to Passage

12 Therendor, 998 YK

Jereth was able to book passage for the party on the Lariat, a cargo ship owned by House Lyrandar and bound for Passage, on the east coast of Lake Galifar. The accommodations consisted of a spot in the cargo hold, but it was comfortable enough for one night. The heroes bedded down, but they were awakened in the late evening by a loud crash and a tremor surging through the ship. Cries of “warforged” and “an army” echoed throughout the ship. The heroes realized that the Lariat was no longer moving forward. They decided to head up to the topdeck to investigate the situation.

On the way up, the heroes entered a less cramped cargo hold. They could hear some chanting coming from up above, and they saw a group of warforged entering the cargo hold from the opposite end. The ’forged were equipped with arm cannons and large metal fists.

The party engaged the ’forged, but encountered a nasty surprise. In the middle of the battle, the chanting from the next deck up reached a crescendo, and the heroes felt themselves being flipped upwards towards the ceiling. As the battle went on, the heroes were pulled from floor to ceiling and back again. The ’forged seemed to have some kind of gem build into their chests that enabled them to resist the continual changes in gravity.

The warforged blasters attacked with fire and lightning, but the heroes were able to defeat them all and proceed to the topdeck. Another tremor shook the Lariat and the ship dropped sharply. As the heroes reached the topdeck, they found that the fire elemental which provided propulsion to the ship has been freed from its binding ring. The elemental was in the process of destroying the binding ring of the air elemental that kept the ship aloft. Lore, realizing the severity of the situation, launched an icy assault against the elemental. The heroes easily subdued the elemental and the ship’s captain, Everett d’Lyrandar, was able to bind the fire elemental back into its ring.

The heroes saw the Windsweeper, Lady Lenna d’Jorasco’s ship, hastily speeding away into the night. Captain Everett welcomed the group at his table and found them excellent quarters for the evening. The ship arrived in Passage on 13 Therendor.

The Search for a Cure

11 Therendor, 998 YK

Having turned the diamonds over to Jereth, the heroes were asked to check on the status of the cure for the Skulking Dread, a plague that seemed to be spreading slowly throughout the city. The heroes agreed to speak with Lady Lenna d’Jorasco at the House Jorasco Healing Hall.

With only a little bit of hoopla, the heroes made their way past a snotty secretary and up to Lenna’s workshop on the seventh floor. Lady Lenna met the group in an opulent sitting room, with a large glass window and balcony overlooking the cityscape. Lenna’s answers to the heroes inquiries were evasive and they figured that she was lying about the progress she’s made on the cure. Dropping the name of a well known professor from Morgrave, Joranna persuaded Lenna to provide the group with a small sample of the cure.

Lenna went out on the balcony to obtain a sample, but instead of coming back, she jumped over the balcony ledge. Joranna and Lucius were busy searching Lenna’s room for any pertinent information, leaving Harbek and Feywalker to pursue the fleeing halfling. Rushing to the edge, they saw Lenna drifting slowly towards the ground with a glowing orb in her hand. Harbek hung a grappling hook over the balcony rail and slid down a rope in pursuit. Not to be outdone, Feywalker just jumped over the rail and caught Lenna in the air, knocking the orb out of her hand.

Harbek managed to catch Feywalker and Lenna, but by that time a gang of thugs on flying magical discs were approaching to rescue the Lady. Harbek and Feywalker fell to the ground while the soldiers helped Lenna safely descend. She then ran off through the city streets. Harbek managed to stop her temporarily. Up above, Joranna and Lucius concluded their search and came to the balcony edge. Noting the battle brewing below, they climbed down the rope to engage the soldiers.

Though the party fought well, Lady Lenna and one of the soldiers escaped. A few minutes later, the party noticed an elemental airship called the Windsweeper rising from the city streets, the Lady Lenna clinging to a rope ladder. Hopping on the flying soarsleds, the heroes took off after the airship, but were unable to catch up before it sailed out of reach. A captured soldier admitted that Lenna was an agent of the Aurum and was planning to sell her own cure to key city officials, buying their loyalty and effectively taking political control of Sharn.

Luckily, Lenna dropped the Elixir of Unyielding Hope in all the chaos. The heroes determined that the Elixir had been rendered inert. They took the potion back to Jereth, and he suggested that the heroes travel to Greenheart, capital of the Eldeen Reaches, and consult the great druid Oalian for advice on how to counteract Lenna’s meddling.

Malleon the Reaver

10 Therendor, 998 YK

Joined by a mysterious noblewoman, Joranna, the heroes proceeded towards the dusty settlement in the distance. The party came to a bridge made out of a slippery substance very similar to ice. There were no railings and nothing but air below. Their destination on the opposite side, the group decided to tie Lucius to a long rope and let him make his way across the bridge first, thinking that he could tie off the rope on the other side and the rest of the group could pull themselves across.

As Lucius moved onto the bridge, he caught a flash of light from the corner of his eye, which turned out to be a fast approaching ball of flame. As luck would have it, the flame dropped directly on Lucius, destroying the bridge below and around him, and sending him tumbling into the chasm. His fall was halted abruptly as he crashed into what seemed to be a soupy invisible liquid. He managed to keep himself from sinking until Harbek was able to grab the other end of the rope and pull him to safety.

At this point, more fireballs hit the bridge, destroying large sections and making the crossing almost impossible. Feywalker stepped onto the bridge, drew back his bowstring, and loosed an arrow towards the origin of the fireballs. Two well placed shots destroyed the fireball launcher and the group was able to cross the bridge unimpeded.

The heroes entered the township to find it run down and nearly abandoned. A heavy presence surrounded the group and they couldn’t shake the feeling that they were being watched. Led by Harbek’s thirst, the heroes entered what appeared to be the common house, and were greeted by a dour looking goblin tending bar to an empty room. Harbek and Feywalker ordered drinks, and were given a dirty, rust flavored ale in even dirtier glasses. Harbek downed his without any trouble, but Feywalker choked and nearly died. The party asked about Lord Malleon, and the bartender pointed to the staircase.

The heroes entered a large room and discovered Lord Malleon and his goblin host. Malleon inferred that the heroes had bested Grulg to gain access to his mirror and come to Malleon’s domain. Malleon tried to recruit the heroes to work for him in Sharn, and bring about his eventual return and takeover of the city. The party figured that Malleon was lying, and instead they entered into a vicious battle. Feywalker was hounded by goblin blades as Harbek dueled with Malleon. In the end, the four heroes killed all the goblins, recovered the missing diamonds, and found another mirror to return them to Sharn.

Searching for the Diamonds

9 Therendor, 998 YK

The heroes, joined by Haskur, a shaman from the Eldeen Reaches, set out to investigate the death of the diamond currier, near the entrance to Malleon’s Gate. The heroes noted the stealthy and professional manner in which the man had been killed, but the assailants appeared to be sloppy in their escape. Lucius and Feywalker were able to follow a trail of blood left behind by the unknown killers, and they recovered the murder weapon, a knife of goblin make. The style of knife was used by goblins over 3,000 years ago, when Malleon the Reaver conquered and restored the city of Shaarat, now Sharn. Harbek, with a keen eye for value, decided to hang onto the knife in order to sell it to a museum or a collector at a future time.

Heading deeper into Malleon’s gate, the heroes ran afoul of a small group of gnolls, who had to be defeated in ranged combat. The gnolls were part of a gang led by the hobgoblin warlord, Grulg, so the heroes set out for Grulg’s fortress.

The party infiltrated the fortress through the garbage chute. They were able to deftly secure the kitchen staff without attracting the notice of any guards. The group also killed a sleeping bugbear in what appeared to be guest quarters. The bugbear was wearing a ring, which Lore believed represented some kind of diplomatic status.

A problem presented itself in the form of an ogre patrolling the circular hallway. The heroes sprung an ambush on the ogre and put it down before it could sound the alarm. The party then secured the door to the barracks to prevent the possibility of reinforcements being summoned while the dealt with Grulg.

The heroes threw open the door to Grulg’s main hall and stormed into the room to deal with the hobgoblin. By which I mean Harbek entered the room boldly while the rest of the group stood outside the door shouting across the room. Grulg explained to the heroes that the diamonds belong to Malleon, and that he already handed them over. The heroes, knowing that Malleon surely died 3,000 years ago, assumed Grulg was lying. Grulg grew angry and pulled a lever, opening parts of the chamber floor and sending Harbek tumbling down into darkness. The rest of the party easily dispatched Grulg and his paltry guards, then set about trying to find Harbek. In Grulg’s private quarters, the heroes found a mirror, through which they could see Harbek on the floor of a cavern. The rest of the party was able to go through the mirror and join Harbek in an earthen chamber surrounded by seven golden doors.

10 Therendor, 998 YK

The party realized that they had entered the depths of Khyber. Recalling the Draconic Prophecy, the heroes choose to leave the chamber by the golden door with three arrows engraved upon its face. The group found itself wandering along a path made of ice, even though the temperature wasn’t cold enough for water to be frozen. Along the path, the heroes encountered a group of aberrant horrors, led by a tall creature with long spiked tentacles. A group of 4-armed fiends occupied the heroes while the tentacled monstrosity flanked them and managed to grab Lucius and Feywalker with its tentacles. Lucius invoked his mysterious darkness spell to aid his escape, only to learn that the creature had no trouble finding him in the dark! Luckily, Haskur’s healing powers turned the battle in the heroes favor, and the ghastly abominations were soon dispatched.

The Elixer of Unyielding Hope

8 Therendor, 998 YK

Feywalker, Harbek, Lore and Lucius accepted a contract from Jereth of Sharn, the Assistant Dean of Acquisitions at Morgrave University. Inhabitants of the lower sections of Sharn have been suffering from a plague known as the Skulking Dread. Jereth believes that the Elixer of Unyielding Hope could be the key to creating a cure for the disease. At great expense and risk, the Elixer has been recovered from Xen’drik and shipped to Sharn.

Unfortunately, the Elixer was stolen from the cargo hold of the Stalwart while it was docked at Cliffside. The party spoke with the captain, Ylior Breezeborne, who implicated an upstart gang of dockside thugs called the Dagger’s Kin. The party went to the local watering hole, the Silver Sail, to gather information about the Dagger’s Kin. In the tavern, the group excited the enmity of a mustachioed man and his cohorts, in spite of Lucius’s attempts to ply them with alcohol.

Leaving the tavern, Feywalker took off down the street after a young teenager who had been observing the group. The frightened boy identified Mr. Mustache as a member of the Dagger’s Kin, and then ran off. The party decided to spring an ambush on the gang members, and despite Lore’s lack of stealth, the thugs were beaten down and subdued, although one died in a mysterious cloud of darkness.

Now knowing the location of the Dagger’s Kin base, the party again attempted to stealthily reconnoiter. Lucius climbed onto a roof to get a better view of the surroundings, but there were two thugs waiting for him, and battle was again joined. The party was able to defeat these goons as well, and they pressed on into the base.

Lore and Harbek found a trapdoor that led to an underground hideout. In the hideout, Lucuis moved down one corridor to examine a locked door. He failed to notice that the door was trapped, and he was pricked by a poison dart. With the trap sprung, the party proceeded to loot the treasury of the Dagger’s Kin. Moving down the next corridor, Lucius redeemed himself by finding and disarming a spear trap.

The party had now entered into the main room of the Dagger’s Kin hideout, and found the gang’s leader, Barek. He had a nasty surprise waiting for them in the form of a Venom-Eyed Basilisk. Harbek quickly charged across the room to engage the basilisk and prevent it from using its poisonous glare. The beast was quickly slain. In the meantime, Barek and Feywalker dueled in the corridor outside the main room. Feywalker went down under Barek’s ferocious attacks, but the rest of the party came to the rescue. Barek was felled and Feywalker was revived.

Having recovered the Elixer of Unyielding Hope, the heroes returned it to Morgrave, so that Jereth could set about having a cure for the Skulking Dread manufactured. The party accepted another contract from Jereth, to investigate the death of a courier who was bringing a collection of diamonds to Morgrave University. The diamonds had been in storage at the Kundarak Bank in Sharn, and date back to the Dhakkaani Empire, which fell almost 5,000 years ago. A corpse matching the courier’s description was found outside the entrance to the Malleon’s Gate district of Sharn.

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