The calendar consists of 12 months, each consisting of 4 seven-day weeks.

The days of the week are Sul, Mol, Zol, Wir, Zor, Far and Sar.

The months are tied to the 12 Dragonmarks, and they are:

Zarantyr, mid-winter, Mark of Storm (House Lyrandar)
Olarune, late winter, Mark of Sentinel (House Deneith)
Therendor, early spring, Mark of Healing (House Jorasco)
Eyre, mid-spring, Mark of Making (House Cannith)
Dravago, late spring, Mark of Handling (House Vadalis)
Nymm, early summer, Mark of Hospitality (House Ghallanda)
Lharvion, mid-summer, Mark of Detection (House Medani)
Barrakas, late summer, Mark of Finding (House Tharashk)
Rhaan, early autumn, Mark of Scribing (House Sivis)
Sypheros, mid-autumn, Mark of Shadow (Houses Phiarlan and Thuranni)
Aryth, late autumn, Mark of Passage (House Orien)
Vult, early winter, Mark of Warding (House Kundarak)


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