Dragonmarked Houses

Each House is presided over by a Baron. Beneath the Baron are the Lords Senechal, who oversee House operations within the borders of a particular nation. The Viceroys manage House affairs within a particular region of a nation.

House members use the honorific d’ before their surname. For example, the Baron of House Cannith is Merrix d’Cannith.

Any dragonmarked member of the house may use the title of “Lord” or “Lady,” although that title has no bearing on the individual’s standing within the house.

A member of a House who has committed serious crimes against the house may be declared excoriate by the Baron. An excoriate can no longer identify himself as a member of the House, and no member of the House may aid or associate with an excoriate.

Council of Twelve

House Cannith
House Deneith
House Ghallanda
House Jorasco
House Kundarak
House Lyrandar
House Medani
House Orien
House Phiarlan
House Sivis
House Tharashk
House Thuranni
House Vadalis
House Tarkanan

Dragonmarked Houses

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