House Cannith

Race: Human
Mark of Making
Baron: Merrix d’Cannith
Sigil: Gorgon

The Mark of Making appeared among Clan Cannith in Cyre more than 2,500 years ago. House members are gifted artificers, tinkers, magewrights and inventors. House Cannith formed partnerships following the War of the Mark, and assisted House Orien with establishing the lightning rail, House Lyrander with creating elemental ships, and House Sivis with creating the message stations used to communicate across Khorvaire.

House Cannith was responsible for the creation of the warforged soldiers and many magically enhanced arms used in the Last War. As such, House Cannith made grand profits during the war, and lost the most of any house when the Treaty of Thronehold ended the war.

The Fabricators Guild manufactures all manner of equipment, most created with magical assistance. The goods are marked with the House’s sigil, assuring a certain standard of quality.

The Tinkers Guild travel between towns, mending broken items. Most of the dragonmarked heirs spend some time with the Tinkers.

Key Locations:
Sharn, Dragon Towers district
Aundair, just outside Fairhaven
Korth, the city below the floating tower where the Council of Twelve meets

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House Cannith

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