House Deneith

Race: Human
Mark of Sentinel
Baron: Breven d’Deneith
Sigil: Chimera

The Mark of Sentinel appeared among a militant family during Karrn the Conqueror’s rise to power over what is now Karrnath. The Deneiths pledged fealty to Karrn during this time. Although House Deneith is Karrnathi by culture, they maintained neutrality during the Last War, selling mercenary troops from their Blademarks Guild to all sides. Deneith contracts ensured that House members would never cross blades with one another.

The Blademarks Guild are still hired out as mercenaries across Khorvaire, and most members of House Deneith spend a year or two in the Guild.

The Protectors Guild serve as bodyguards to caravans and noble families, as well as garrison troops.

The Sentinel Marshalls are bounty hunters who are authorized by the Treaty of Thronehold to pursue criminals across the Five Nations.

Key Locations:
Sentinel Tower, on the border of Karrnath and the Mournland, home to the Sentinel Marshalls
Graywall Outpost, guards the Graywall Mountains pass between Breland and Droaam
Rhukaan Draal Enclave, in the nation of Dargunn, from where Deneith hires goblin mercenaries

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House Deneith

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