The Sovereign Host

The Sovereign Host is the most commonly practiced religion of Khorvaire. It is infinitely adaptable and easy to follow. The Host is a pantheon of 9 gods representing the various aspects of civilization. Although a few individuals may devote themselves to a single member of the pantheon, most folks worship the Host as a whole.

The Dark Six

The Six are the savage antagonists to the Sovereign Host. The Six were a part of the Host in ages past, but were cast out during a great Schism. Most followers of the Sovereign Host will also pray occasionally to the Dark Six, merely to avert their wrath.

The Silver Flame
Lawful Good

The Church of the Silver Flame has been in existence for only a few hundred years. The Church stands against the darkness of demons, lycanthropes, undead and other unnatural entities. The Silver Flame has ruled the nation of Thrane since 914 YK. Despite the horrific foes the Church faces regularly, corruption within the ranks continues to be its most devastating enemy.

The Blood of Vol
Unaligned or Evil

The Blood of Vol holds that divinity lies within all mortal creatures. “As the blood is the power, and the blood flows through me, the power is mine.” The Blood of Vol is believed to have begun in the elven House Vol, which in days gone by, bore the Mark of Death. This mark hasn’t been seen in hundreds of years. The Blood of Vol seeks to overthrow the power of death.

The Path of Light
Lawful Good

This faith is followed by the kalashtar called Lightbringers, who hope to overthrow the Dreaming Dark of Dal Quor. The Lightbringers seek to shift the Dreaming Dark to a source of light.

The Undying Court

The elves of Aerenal and Valenar worship their wisest and strongest ancestors, who have cast aside the bonds of death by means of the Transition, becoming one of the undying. An undying elf can be invited into the Undying Court if he has demonstrated devotion to the ideals of the elves. The elves also honor their dead relatives, the Spirits of the Past, although these spirits are not worshiped at deities.


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